web3dsm started as a community building experiment.

The future of how we connect, communicate, and build online is a conversation that predominately happens online. This is effective and efficient in our connected era, but serendipity is unlocked when people come together to share what they're thinking about and how they're building into all that is web3. These consistent IRL collisions build valuable relationships and create interesting opportunities for fresh collaboration.

This is our why and we hope you will join us.


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Why is it called web3?

There are a few different terms emerging, but "web3" is used to describe a new generation of the Internet.

How can I explain web3 to my friends?

Think back to the early days of the Internet. In the beginning, "web1" was when the Internet was mostly a read-only experience. Without programming skills, information could only be consumed online. Think of this as read-only access. As technology advanced, there became easier ways for anyone to create and update their own websites. Along with creating content, social media connected the globe as we read AND wrote into the Internet, so think of "web2" as the read+write era. Web3 is an emerging era that can be thought of as read+write+own. Decentralization is improving data security and verifiable ownership is unlocking more transparent transactions. Less control is also enhancing the value of community and unlocking more efficient collaboration. What's next? We don't know, but that's why we gather at events like web3dsm!

What if I have no experience in this space?

Perfect! We are a fun, friendly, and welcoming group. Community members range from no experience to deep understandings around what’s being built on the edges of web3. The diversity of conversation is what makes our meetups so interesting and we are committed to providing a safe space for all levels of interest and experience within the space.

Do the IRL meetups have a consistent format?

The topics of conversation are always different, but the format of our time together is structured to maintain long-term sustainability. We begin with short introductions. Concise is nice, but hearing what people are thinking about and their area(s) of interest often fuels valuable discussions within the group. We then shift attention toward our featured project, which allows one person, team, or group, to highlight what they’re building with a casual, 5-10 minute presentation. After community Q&A, we try to leave room for more conversation as a full group or within smaller, topic-based breakouts. After the event, it’s not uncommon for folks to enjoy afties to keep the fun flowing.

How do you select featured projects?

We're always eager to met fellow founders and our community loves learning about new projects within web3. Our featured project often guides the discussion, so this is an excellent place to breathe fresh energy into any project. Even if you're still in early stages, if you're making a ruckus by building ideas into reality, we invite you to DM us on Twitter to learn more before securing a spot on the calendar.

What's this I hear about a free NFT for attending?

From the very beginning, we've been building this community by exploring different opportunities within web3. Whether it's the decentralized organizing team, the collaborative approach to governance, or our fun little POAP NFTs, we're having fun learning along the way. POAP stands for the "proof of attendance protocol" and we mint a small collection of NFTs to giveaway to web3dsm attendees. Will they be a valuable digital asset someday? Nah, but there are still fun to collect as we continue to think about the power behind what NFTs are all about.

Is there a code of conduct for financial advice?

This is a positive-sum environment where attendees are discussing innovation, business, and technology. Yes, web3 technologies like cryptocurrency and digital wallets are impacting the financial landscape and business ideas revolve around creating value in exchange for financial capital, but we are NOT here to give financial advice, pump, trade, or speculate financially. We strive to provide a safe space and anyone acting in ways that may compromise this culture will be asked to leave and not participate in future gatherings. Even with such precautions, this is a public event. We encourage all attendees to be smart with digital assets, just like we are with the cash in our pockets.

Where can community members connect online?

@web3dsm is active on Twitter and here's an invite to where we connect on Discord - https://discord.gg/PzJYKvykQ4

Does it cost to attend an IRL meetup?

We may have special occasions where a fee is required to support the event, but our meetups have always been free and we plan to keep it that way.

How can I support this initiative?

Showing up delivers a remarkable amount of human, intellectual, and network capital. If you'd like to contribute in other ways, let's get creative knowing the energy of accelerating others is unmatched.

stay curious

stay curious

web3dsm invites students, entrepreneurs, technologists, developers, futurists, and curious community members to connect, learn, and build through collaborative conversations on the future of how we connect online. We connect on all things web3, such as blockchain technology, DAOs, cryptocurrency, NFTs, smart contracts, digital wallets, DeFi, tokenomics, quantum computing, and free beer to brew it all together.